Measurement of gears of unknown gear data, our service - your (time) advantage

Being a specialized enterprise your factory repairs and retrofits gearboxes of various make.

Once a gearbox comes to a standstill, in many cases a standstill of the production is the consequence.

Urgency is demanded! But the unknown gear data form a big obstacle.

For determining the gear data, the WS GearDynamics GmbH offers optimal service:

  > speedy
  > on-site
  > professional
  > highly precise

Our scope of service:

  • Measurement and evaluation of unknown gear data
  • Calculation of required material
  • Design and calculation of the paired gear set using the data evaluated
  • Computer simulation of the running ability of the gear set by using adequate software
  • Design and layout of a ready-to-use workpiece drawing with complete dimensioning
  • Measurement of huge gears of diameters up to 20.000 mm

Supply of the documentation by E-mail.

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